Saturday, 10 September 2011

Green Party calls for the removal of #ATOS from benefits assessments #ukpolitics

Green Party members yesterday voted to pass an emergency motion calling on the Secretary of State for Work and Pensions to stop using IT firm ATOS as its assessor of benefit claimants.

Concerns have been raised over the company's suitability to conduct assessments, ranging from the lack of disabled access at their assessment centres to the shocking fact that 40% of their decisions have been found to be wrong on appeal [1].

Source: Green Party

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  1. Being the cynical bugger I am, I rather doubt that the lack of disabled access is an oversight - more likely, if you can get in, you've already failed.

    And always remember, you're covertly assessed from the moment you arrive, not just when with the Atos troll. Yep, I know it sounds paranoid - it's not.

  2. It's a start Ron. Certainly better than the main 3 parties.... Labour is all about *decent people who work* and still back welfare reforms etc. so no sense in people trying to change them when the holdovers from the previous government introduced reforms and privatisation. of government services.